Brutus Mascot Camp
Emily Williams began her mascot career early on as the Elida High School bulldog, Thor.  From there her dream was to become Brutus Buckeye for The Ohio State University.  This was no easy task as there were only 2 females before her to earn that coveted position!  Emily stepped up to the plate and hit a grand slam as she not only became Brutus Buckeye, but she cheered the Ohio State Football team to the 2002 National Championship!  This was just the beginning... 

After her college career, Emily began to wonder why no one was catering to the mascot community to develop our future mascots.  This thought is now being put into action as she and her brother, Jeff Moor, are hosting their 6th annual Brutus Mascot Camp.  "We are very excited about this camp because we understand that your mascot represents your school, sports team, or business and this camp is designed to take your mascot to the next level."  Register today!

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